Saturday, June 25, 2016

Reconnecting with family!

Family - what a all encompassing word.  So many times life just happens and we fall out of touch with our family. The nicest thing though, are those opportunities that allow us to reconnect.  You never know when those opportunities may arise, but the key is knowing that you can create them yourself.

When I published the book, so much of my family emailed and texted me their support. It was so heartwarming to hear from so many relatives, and those that perhaps I had not connected with in a while. It made me remember that we are all part of a bigger whole. 

When I had my book launch in May, I was overwhelmed by the turnout. My father's cousins came from near and far to support the two of us. It was so amazing!  But I have to admit, I am one of the lucky ones! I was very lucky to not only have an amazing family on my side, but also to have married into such a wonderful one! My in-laws all treat me as their own, including my husband's sisters. I was fortunate enough to be able to gain more siblings and two more parents.  They all came out for the event, but one of the best parts was that my husband's first cousin and his wife came out as well.  We realized it had been so long since we all had gone out. You know what happens - kids, work, life!  But we decided to do something about it, we put a date down, and last night we all reconnected!
It was so great to get to know them again, catch up, and for all of us to hang out. (yes that's us taking a selfie at dinner last night!)

Why do I share this with you? Because the truth is opportunities are what we make of them. We must put ourselves out there. If you have not spoke to your relative in a while, stop reading this and go text, email or call them. Trust me they will be so happy to hear from you!  These connections we have run deep and many times we just forget. It is so special to have these connections, make sure you keep them alive!

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